On Career Changes

It is finally happening. Or beginning to happen, I should say.

I have been employed with my company for 7 years – 6 of those as a manager. I work in the quick service industry, and to be honest it has never really been fulfilling.

There have been pros, and things I enjoy, of course. There are, however, just as many things I do not enjoy. First and foremost is rotating shifts. Working 9-5 one day, 4am-12pm the next, and then a midnight shift the day after that wreaks havoc on your body, and I truly do make a strong effort to treat my body as well as I can.

That said, over the past few years I have looked here and there for jobs. I have gone to a few interviews, even. One I was not offered the job, although given that it was a factory position I can’t say for sure I would have taken it even if I had been. I have worked in factories before, and it just isn’t for me, despite offering a bit more regularity to my life. Most interviews I either did not attend the second interview, or turned down the job after getting all the details.

Most of my applications, however, did not result in interviews. I can’t say I’m surprised. I have half a college education in Pre-Health Science (basically an unrelated field to everything I’ve applied for — it just wasn’t the course for me). Thus, I have kind of poked my nose into a few doors, or peered through the glass, but have been hesitant to open them.

In June, I may have mentioned that I attended a convention where the guest speaker was a former head of training for Disney. Something he said was that the number one thing that holds people back is themselves. Too scared to take the risk, or too stuck in a routine, or whatever reason suited.

Last month, I commented on a post on Facebook, about a friend of mine who’s wife was taking her course to become a real estate agent. I simply asked what was involved, as I was curious. Lo and behold, the owner of a very strong (albeit new) real estate firm replied to me (as well as others) stating that if we were interested, we could contact him for some info.

I did so immediately, and was invited to a career night. Due to my work schedule, I was unable to attend, however I was offered a 1-on-1 information session, which I agreed to. Today, I almost decided not to attend, but figured I had committed to it, and what was the worst that could happen?

As it turns out, it was a good meeting. We got along very well right off the bat, and were able to bat around some questions and information. I learned a lot about how the business was formed, the market share, and more importantly, asked where it was headed.

I left the interview more excited than anything I have ever done. Ever.

So with that, I have decided to take the real estate course (at a whopping $4000, but that is small compared to not only the earning potential (it is potential, after all), but the satisfaction of building a business and doing something I can be proud of.

So over the coming weeks, expect to see more of a focus in content. I know myself well enough that I will have some struggles with security and taking such a risk at 27 years old, but I have decided to sink my teeth in, and I may as well write about the experience of a career change, and sinking both feet in.

I am starting to understand the meaning of the phrase “burn the fleet”. If you have no escape route, the only option is success. This will be my credo moving forward.